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Well, given that this movie was originally French, there was probably bound to be a few things that wouldn't fit well with us [the fans] when it was dubbed over in English. Dubs are rarely as good as the original, and subtitles are usually the way to go in situations like this. It's a rule of thumb when it comes to media, of any kind. However, I think people are turning this into a mountain when it's really a molehill. For starters, the structure of the trailer. While the French one was awesome in it's own right, you can't entirely deny that we're getting something of an insight into the character cast. We didn't even know what some of their names were until we looked on the offical website. There's also the matter of content. The english trailer offered more in the way of diverse clips from the whole cast, and of different interactions [I'd also be willing to guess that the reason that they didn't use print, like in the French trailer, was to squeeze more in, which works for us.] between the characters, and at different points in the movie. While it's a bit rushed, it's a pretty good deal for those of us that wanted to see more.
And, coming to the renaming of Francouer, if you look up what that and Frank actually mean, you'll notice that they didn't really change all that much. Both names imply honesty, and truth. And also, even if the people that dubbed this meant to do it, it's a pretty funny little homage that they put. If maybe you need a hint, let me point out that Frank can be considered a shortened version of Frankenstein, one of the most well-known monsters in the media. I got a laugh out of it personally, but, if it really bothers you, then you can always watch it with english subtitles. No need to get upset. Besides, if you prefer to call him Francouer, then no one is stopping you.
Now, I'm not downplaying the French trailer at all. After all, this was what brought us to this movie to begin with. It's a wonderful piece of work, and it brings out some interesting aspects that make up this movie. Not to mention, it set the stage well enough so that we were caught and curious to see more. Fine filmwork, in my opinion.
I'm just saying that this isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. It's still the same movie, they are changing nothing aside from the one name, the voices, and the language. Just calm down and wait for the actual film to come out [and yes, I know that's difficult, I've been watching all of the trailers nonstop, just so I can be sure I got the release date right.]. Besides, we all know what they are saying in the French trailer, in english, anyway. And given that I'm sure Europia was aware of that, it wouldn't have made much sense to switch everything to english. It'd be like telling us something we already know, which would be annoying.

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